Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Arrivals

Hopefully this week will find us with some new babies!!  J has 2 Californian does that are due this weekend. We are almost 100% one took, not so sure about the other. (Which by the way, is the one we REALLY wanted to have babies. UGH)   These Cals will be meat pens/show buns for J's coming show season and fair.
(That is, IF everything goes right!)
Tori--the one we are sure took, is MISERABLE! She looks like she's swallowed a soccer ball, and she just seems BLAH right now, laying around a lot with her belly all sprawled out.  She's been enjoying some extra TLC and belly rubs. ;-)

These are  J's babies from last year at 4 weeks. Somewhere in that fuzzy blob is Truman!

So starting Sunday we will be on "baby watch." Our entire family gets so excited when new babies are coming!!

We also think my Hotot MIGHT be "baby-ful" but I am not holding my breath. That pair is going to drive me nuts.  (Kat- if you read this--I am so ready for March! =) )

We deduced our chicken flock in half. This gives us a bit more room for the 4-H chickens that will come in soon.  I think we sent all of our egg layers though as we haven't gotten any eggs for 2 days now. =(    The Easter Eggers should start laying with in the month, but they really seem stunted to me so I am not sure when they will start.  Our chicken buddy says that he doesn't think I did anything wrong with them and he thought the only reason they were like that was because they came from a hatchery.

Turn in later this week for baby updates!! =)


princessdiva said...

Can't wait to see new pictures of little bunnies! Good luck--and I hope the luck goes better than the frozen ones last year--keep in mind a little motto we use in the medical profession--"they're not dead until they're WARM and dead!!" Right Mike??

Michael said...

LOL........I could make some really crude comment here!! I would much rather deal with a 'blue stiffy' in a snowbank than a 'drippy black blob' in a 120 degree apartment!! :-) Dead?? Are you sure?? Yeah, just shoved an entire jar of Vick's vapor rub up my nose....I'm sure!!

Becky said...

DAD!! THAT IS SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael said...

Lawyer: Are you trained in medical or death investigations?
Me: Yes
Lawyer: Why were you called to this apartment?
Me: Because the fellow in the apartment below was complaining about a leak of some sort in the apartment above him.
Lawyer: What did you find.
Me: The occupant of the apartment was on the floor, obviously dead.
Lawyer: What do you mean by 'obviously'?
Me: Well........because she was going through purification.
Lawyer: Did you check for a pulse?
Me: No........couldn't find her neck!!
Lawyer: Do you have any specific evidence that she was dead?
Me: Yes, I have photos of the scene.
Lawyer: May you introduce them to the court?
Me: Yes, here they are.

princessdiva said...

HAHAHAHAH!! I love your dad's CRASS sense of humor. . .always have!

Michael said...

This actual hearing took all damn day. I was on the stand four hours and the doctor was on the stand for two. This lady had been in the week before with chest pain and pneumonia. She refused to be admitted however. I got into big 'doo-doo' with the judge when about halfway through the hearing I told the life insurance lawyer that "even someone with your intellect could tell she was dead"....whoops. Such a stupid waste of time an resource trying to keep themselves from paying on her life insurance to the Humane Society.