Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Roller Skating

  C, D, and J. 

We went skating  with the youth group kids Saturday night. It was a wonderful afternoon with some of our favorite people!     D and I haven't skated in about 13 years and were super excited!  We used to play "roller-ball" (basketball on roller-blades) but that was before were married.  I used to be able to whip around and pretty much keep up with D, but not anymore. He slapped those puppies on and skated like that was last week. Me? Well, I can still skate. But that about all.  I have put on   *ahem* a few pounds, and grew boobs since then so things feel pretty unbalanced now.

Things I learned about skating when you are 30:

1.  Fat people do not bounce.  This is a myth.  We splat.
2.  You are not as fast as you were when you were 18.  Boobs and butt will slow you down.
3.  As you are skating around the rink, you think about bones and how they break.  Arms, legs, wrists, hips....
4. Rented roller blades are ALMOST as nasty as bowling shoes.  Every time I thought about my skates my feet itched.  I swear I could feel the bacteria from someone else's feet eating my flesh. 

T doing the Limbo.

  J upright and not lying on the floor. =)

 I only crashed once, and did it very lady like. D fell 3 times and has a bruise on his hand. We wouldn't be able to count the times the boys fell, but they both spent a fair amount of time on the floor.   T got the hang of it pretty fast, but kept trying to turn and wiped out every time. He smacked the floor really good one time and had to run to the bathroom with a gushing nose. He was back out as soon as it stopped bleeding.  J, well, he looked a lot like Bambi.  Poor guy can't skate, but laughed and kept a good attitude about it. He started to get the hang of it right before we left.  I did, in fact, get to mortify my kids.  My technique really embarrassed them. I guess I skate with my hands out and look like a goober. HAHA  D didn't say I looked like goober. His words were that I was "amusing" to skate behind. =)*

Anyway, we had a great time and all could walk this morning!!  My bottom is sore and I was a bit stiff this morning coming down the stairs.  D has some sore spots in his back and J has a blister and says he "aches" every now and then.

When are we going again?? 

Really, D? You just got a soda and now its gone?? I have NO IDEA what happened to it!  


Melanie said...

HAHA! Had a good laugh--I didn't notice that you looked weird on skates!! You could start practicing on your street! Wouldn't that cure your guys!! We had a GREAT time! Can't wait to go again either!

Sara said...

Sounds like a great time! I can't remember the last time I went roller skating...I have a feeling I would be a little rusty as well! Glad everyone is able to remain verticle today.

Rhonda said...

Glad you all had a good time! That brings back a lot of .... painful .... memories. LOL