Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Our Life...

...will consist of basketball, basketball, and more basketball..  I am going to be one of those ladies you see with the flat butt. I used to think it was just bad genetics, but now I know they just watched A LOT of sports!

T had his first game yesterday.  They won by 2 points. He was really nervous and didn't really move around that much, but overall, he had a great game!!  He took 2 shots, not making either of them, but we didn't care!

J's playing his last year of Pee Wee.  He thought the extra playing experience would do him good, plus, "Pee Wee is fun."   It must not be nearly as intimating as Jr High b-ball because he's suddenly playing like he knows what he's doing.  They won their game, but only by one point, and that one point came from a free throw the last few seconds of the game.   D and I have decided we are probably both going to need to be on blood pressure meds by the time these kids are in high school.   

And I couldn't mention basketball without putting a picture of M on here.  (Isn't she beautiful?) The highlight of our week is going to watch her play ball. 
She brings constant joy to every life she's a part of.  I am so happy God chose her to be my sister.



Sara said...

I CAN'T wait to be a "flat-butt" mom! I will probably need b.p. meds as well and maybe a muzzle too! HA! Michelle is a great player and she is fun to watch.

princessdiva said...

I have a stadium seat you can borrow--it is BRIGHT yellow, so you will always be able to find it!! Enjoy--my February consists of . . . well, maybe nothing much!