Sunday, September 12, 2010


Meet Paris.

Paris is 9 years old and was adopted as a "Daddy is leaving for a month so maybe this will help take your minds off of it" type of thing when D was active reservist.   I had wanted a kitty for a long long time, but D wanted NO cats. However, a few hours of quilt tripping and begging  really can pay off. She came into our lives at a time with lots of tears and anxiety, and she was just what the boys and I needed at that time.  She gave us something to concentrate on, and take care of.

She was a born in a garage and was an alley cat of sorts. Her story today though is she was born from royalty and these humans are lucky to have her.  The day she came into our house was the last time she's ever had her feet on the dirt outside, and she doesn't leave the house unless we have to drag her to the vet...where I might add they know her by name and she's famous for her "wonderful" personality.
She has never caught a mouse...eww, she says.....hates kids, hates strangers, and pretty much hates everyone except for D, who didn't even want her in the first place.  She's IN LOVE with that guy and spends a good 10 to 15 minutes EVERY NIGHT purring while laying on his chest, looking at him like he's so sort of God. She pouts like a child, and recently spent almost 2 weeks under our bed while we were on vacation.  I am convinced she only come down to eat and drink enough to keep herself alive, and then went back upstairs.  My sister called worried about her because she had yet to see her while she was checking on things, and found her upstairs where she was greeted with a growl and a hiss.  Grouchy and snotty as she is, our house would be strange without HER MAJESTY'S presence here.

Meet Anna.
She's 6 years old.  We brought her home with her head hanging out the car window like a dog. She's a tomboy.  She spends most of her time outside.  She climbs trees and catches anything that moves, and then be-heads it and lays it on the front mat.  I was pretty grossed out by this until I read they do this as show of hierarchy...she's gifting us with her catches.  Still gross, but now I thank her as I call..aka... scream at the boys to remove her headless gifts. Anna is much more friendlier than Paris, though after she was picked up by the ears and pulled around by her tail, she keeps pretty clear of the daycare kids.  She scratches at the door like a dog when she wants in or out, increasing the pace and adding a few annoyed MEOWS the longer she has to wait to be let in. 

She's probably getting low on her nine lives.  One time she was gone for nearly 4 days and we were devastated. I was walking around yelling her name and heard a faint cry from the garage...coming from an old couch. I ran and got D who quickly ripped the couch apart.  She had gotten in through a tiny tear and had gotten her claws stuck in the fabric and was stuck inside.  She was hungry and skinny and didn't do much for a couple of days after that. Another time she came home after being missing for about 3 days and was COMPLETELY GREEN.  We THINK it was that fertilizer that they spray in the yards in the spring and fall, but still are not totally sure what she got into.  The only TRUE problem I have with Anna is she likes to my houseplants. If Anna were a human, she would wear boots, and play football, not care about hair or make-up, and out spit and fart all the boys.  She LOVES to torment Paris, and pounces and chases her, which ends up in this nasty growling rolling match usually. After which she watches Paris, almost with a smirk on her face while Paris has to spend HOURS getting her fur clean again and put back JUST right.
Anna is awesome and I'm happy she's here, headless creatures and all!


Rhonda said...

This is very interesting - 2 completely different personalities!

Melanie said...

Cute story--I had never known :-) It's amazing how attached you become to animals that live with you!! C and I are babysitting granny's dog Odie--and I actually called him Oscar once (the name of the weinie dog we had for 12 years!) Aw, gotta love 'em!

Unknown said...

Becky has inherited the 'soft-spot', in her heart, for animals from her daddy!! No matter how I try, I can't turn away an animal in need. You can guarantee that her home animals are treated very well!! Of course this includes two boys as well!! :-)