Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our not so planned Sunday

Today we were going to go to church, come home to a nice, hot, lunch already made the crock pot,  sit down and enjoy being a family.  It was going t be a great relaxed day. That was I had planned in my head anyway. 

Nothing like getting  call at 7am from your mother to tell let you know there are COWS on the road, and they are YOURS.  Well, actually, it was only ONE cow, and he's not really a cow...he's a steer...who still thinks he's a dog, but that's another story.

D and I get up and out there, where we find he has in fact decided the grass is greener on the other side, and is on the other side of the highway, pigging out.  D slows down to about 10 miles an hour, I hang the coffee can full of cake out the window, shake it around and OFF WE GO.  I prayed no one we know drives by, as I am know we look SILLY for multiple reasons:
1.  We are "herding" in a Ford Taurus.

2.  We are moving a Jersey steer...right smack in the middle of beef cattle country, I might add,  across a highway, where many of my childhood pets were squashed flat as pancakes.

3. We don't use ropes...we use coffee cans.  Food orientated, YES we are!

We get him back in, and I already know what D is gonna say.  "Me and the boys have to get this fixed this morning."  There went my planned Sunday.
(The spot he keeps getting out at is string of electric fence that's no longer hot, so all he does is steps through the wire. We've had the barb wire to replace it, just hadn't done it yet.)
The men tackled the fence, while I relaxed and did my thing, walking around, taking pictures, getting in the way.

Hoof prints in the driveway....NOT suppose to be there!!

Chewy is in timeout while they fix fence. He looks worried, doesn't he? 

Rosie is supervising while they work.
Seriously, kid, do you know what your doing??

"Why do they always give the pee-wee jobs??" "It's a right of passage, little man!"
"Don't look over..she's at it again" "Does she ever JUST STOP?"
"I'm NOT looking."

I'm sure his mother is so proud. ;-)

 So there was my not so planned Sunday. Not like I had hoped for, but still a good day.  As I write this, the men are upstairs eating lunch, and I just heard something about going back out to shoot guns for a while.  D got a new gun, and they've been anxious to go out and blow some stuff up.   My Sunday may not be over yet!


Melanie said...

Tristen's mother is so proud--or the mother of the thing that laid Tristen's armload??? HAHA! We missed you at church and Tony's sermon was AWESOME!! Maybe next week!

Rhonda said...

"Change of plans" is always fun. LOL Glad everything got back where it belonged and fixed! :)