Friday, September 3, 2010

It's that time again!

Smelly clothes, grass stained pants, ogre acting, testosterone fed men, camera hauling mamas, junk food fueled 10 year olds,  .....It's FOOTBALL SEASON!

Last night we drove to J's first Jr High Football team. He's been waiting for this moment, well, since he was born I think.  He was up and ready and just WAITING for the bus to get around the corner.

 Jake is #84--He's the guy in the middle of both pictures.

It was a good first game, considering they lost 32-14.  J had a really nice tackle towards the end of the game, stopping a runner from scoring.  I sat there watching, clutching my camera, totally missing capturing the moment, while D sat beside me muttering, "Don't let him by you, J...get up there...."  (I'm thankful I married a quiet guy.  If he were one of those yelling cussing dads, I might have to sit someplace the car.)
I got full play by plays of the game, complete with who did what body function on the field,  until just about half way home, when it became VERY quiet in my backseat except for the occasion snore.

As a mom, I've come to realize I will probably never understand football.

But to get them that pumped up and to keep doing it over and over, it has to feel something like how I feel when I get a buy one, get one free deal at the greenhouse......right, Mel? =)

T's first game is next week...stay tuned for more football action!


Melanie said...

HAHA you know it girl--I just posted a picture of my BOGO plants!! GREAT minds think alike! Glad next week's game is home!

Michael said...

Way to go Jacob!!! Keep it up. I plan on seeing your home game next week.

Rhonda said...

Love that first descriptive paragraph! :)