Thursday, August 26, 2010

They know...

...when it's time to show.  After paying entry fees....LATE ($$) entry fees I might add since I spaced it off....for the State Fair, we went out to the bunny barn to find this:

This is Izzy, T's Castor Mini Rex.  She's the queen around here. She USUALLY has wonderfully perfect soft fur that is the color of a beer bottle.  This moment she resembles a dog with mange.  She's molting or as we call it in the bunny world, "blowing her coat".  Rabbit do this usually once a year and its totally normal. They will end up with a nice new coat afterward.  However, I think ours are doing it on purpose. A bunny protest against showing.   
One of J's Californians is doing the same thing.  We are hoping with a bit of brushing we can get most of it out, but that doesn't meant the new coat will be "in"  and finished by fair time.
Oh well. 


Melanie said...

Oh, bummer!! Hope all that hair comes back in quickly--maybe Tony can get you some Rogaine?? Why not??

Rhonda said...

I hope they will "cooperate" (lol) and end up with at least a somewhat decent coat!! That is a pretty color. :)