Sunday, August 8, 2010

3rd Generation

My kids are 3rd generation Grandma Katy cookie and cherry kool-aid consumers.  This picture made me smile so much I just wanted to share it with my family.  I wonder what that lady would say if she knew that MY kids were asking for her cookies. =) 

BTW-- this glass is one I snagged from the farm, so it's a glass that I drank kool-aid out of when I was a kid!


Anonymous said...

She would smile, tussle the boys hair, and say good thing YOU are making the cookies now! ;o)

Sara said...

I remember drinking from a glass just like that when I was about Tristan's age...were they jelly jars first? I don't recall now. I bet Mom still has them somewhere!

princessdiva said...

OOOO! Are they dipping their cookies in KOOL AID??? Ick!! And I thought my guys were bad about dipping cookies in milk--which may be a little more common of a tradition--but from the queen of "don't mix your food" A hearty YUCK-O~~

Becky said...

LOL Yeah, that's just Tristen. I don't know why he dips those in kool-aid, but he LOVES it. Yuck.

Sara, I think they were Welch's jelly jars and I KIND OF remember when they used to at the store, so maybe the early-mid 80's? They had different dinosaurs on each one.