Sunday, August 15, 2010

Date Day

 Saturday D and I ran away for a few hours for a late anniversary date. We went to Dodge where we enjoyed a very nice and quiet lunch at Applebees, walked around Walmart, and went to see a movie. What movie? This movie:

A movie so manly, not only did my voice drop 2 octaves just from going to see it, I  also had chest hair sprout.  I've drug D to some pretty chicky films so I was more than...ok, not more than happy, but willing, to go see this with him. He's been talking about it for weeks. Apparently, the baddest of all Hollywood dudes play in this film and it's A BIG DEAL.    I was one of 3 females in the theater.  I also observed that men are not like woman in the theater.  We girls, as seen at the Twilight movies, usually scatter around, as not to be overheard while we oooo and ahhhh or wipe drool from our mouths.  Not men.  Nope. Men will fill in the 4 middle rows, not caring if they have to sit by someone they don't know.  D says its because "men know where the good seats are." 
It was a pretty good movie, if you like guts, blood, and guns. The best part of it was sitting there, enjoying it...err...watching D enjoy it, while realizing just how big of a crush I still have on that guy!


princessdiva said...

I was just thinking this morning how fun it would be to go on a date--no kids--just the guy that I married. Glad you guys could make that happen!!

Rhonda said...

One of 3 females in the whole place? LOL! That's great, though, that you two could enjoy a good evening together. :)