Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still Here!!

I am SERIOUSLY behind on my blogging!! The past week has just been nuts!

I go to enroll the kids later today. I have mixed feeling about them going back to school.  I'm sad, but this week I've started thinking maybe it won't be so bad having them back. HAHA (Having the older kids...aka...MY at daycare can sometimes be like having hornets invade a peaceful flock of butterflies! They love to play with the kids and *I* am happy they love playing with the kids, but get them so wound up so fast!)   However, I am just not ready at ALL for the practices and the go go go that come's with having older kid and seems to get worse every year.

Yesterday we went school clothes shopping.  Shopping with my crew is an adventure.  We discovered J's foot grew 2 and 1/2 sizes since this time last year.  Isn't that unreal??  Still need to get jeans, but I am so afraid of buying J's for fear they won't fit in a month. UGH.  J was really into shopping this year...meaning he REALLY cares about how he looks these days.  (Which has to do with the opposite sex.  Girls have defiantly invaded his mind.  I feel like I am living in the Twilight Zone sometimes.)

Monday we were surprised to see our favorite Wichita cousins knocking on our door! They could only stay for a little bit, but T got his "Vic fix" for the time being.  He was mad that she is STILL taller than him! hehe 

Sunday I helped host a baby shower for my sister in law, K.  She's expecting a baby girl any day now! (My 4th niece.  Count is 5 nephews 3 nieces, and one great-nephew at the moment!)    It was a nice shower and I got to try out a new recipe for Strawberry Pie, which quickly made it's way into the keepers!!

And--I can't believe I'm sharing this with the world--another task this week is to get rid of the cobwebs in some of my corners.  You know it's way past time when your Nerf bullets get stuck in them!!  I was mortified, but my daycare kids were rolling on the ground.  In my defense, there has been a plant in that corner that I recently May. ;-)


Sara said...

Preston is claiming credit for the Nerf bullet and is laughing again! I have now heard the whole story from start to finish about how it got up there! LOL!!

Becky said...

Preston totally got it up there! You should have heard the shrieking and giggles going on. They stood there for about 5 seconds with their mouth hanging open and then all turned and looked at me. Then the laughter...lots and lots of laughing.

princessdiva said...

HAHA!! Only a serious blogger would have taken a picture of the nerf gun in a spider web!! Hilarious!! Wow--Vic is getting so grown up!! Beautiful girl!!

Rhonda said...

I hear ya' about things getting into a higher gear with school starting up. That pie looked really good. I hope your sister-in-law gets along just fine with having her baby. About the nerf thing and cobwebs - I'm glad I'm not the only one! In our house, I never know WHAT'S gonna turn up WHERE. lol! Have a great week!