Monday, August 9, 2010

13 Years

Today I have been married to D for 13 years.  13 years!! Where has the time gone??

What a ride the past 13 years have been!!  But wow--what a BEAUTIFUL ride.
I married the most amazing guy ever. He really is a gift straight from God. He is so much that I am not. D is strong when I am weak, he is calm when I am a mess. Just his presence in the room can make me feel stronger.  He makes me laugh like no other can, and he's the very best secret keeper in the world...though I think he wishes I'd keep them to myself sometimes! 

(This picture has nothing to do with D and I, but it makes me smile. It was a totally un-posed sister moment I am happy to have a picture of.  We were talking about her shoes while waiting on family to get ready for pictures.  She used to call it our "angel" picture because "we looked like angels". ) BTW- who the heck wears a LONG SLEEVED 500lb wedding dress in AUGUST??

  (D and I renewed our wedding vows around our 5th wedding anniversary. This was the year the Navy was seeing D more than we were.  It was amazing and so much fun because our boys were there with us! J used to tell people his mom and dad have been married twice. hehe) 

And, because he listens to me, wants me to be happy, loves good food....and because I told him I wanted it REALLY bad, this is what he got me for our anniversary:

(Now, some ladies may get a bit huffy about getting a cookbook for their anniversary, but it was exactly what I wanted. =) )

So, I turned around made HIM the chocolate sheet cake from the book. Oh my.  Heavenly!


Meg said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the cookbook...glad you got it!

princessdiva said...

AWWW happy anniversary--too bad you had to spend it at a 4-H pool party!! And I hear ya--people with really hairy arms wear long sleeved wedding dresses at the end of July, anyway!! :-( Have a great week! Oh, and try the cowboy calzones---they are TO DIE for!! and the cinnamon rolls. YUMMM

Amy Pope said...

Girl, Happy anniversary!! And love the cookbook... I just know you will. I got it awhile back, when I started following the Pioneer Woman's blog. She's so good at describing her wacky life! And the photos... I sure wish I could photo-document my family that well. I have camera envy. *lol* Anyway...hope y'all had a happy anniversary, and many more...

Rhonda said...

Congratulations to you both, and infinitely many, many more!! :)

LOL about the "long-sleeved, 500-pound wedding dress." OH does that sound hot right now! LOVE the photo of you and your sister.

That's one of the best cookbooks! I have a copy, but haven't gotten around to making the chocolate cake yet, but I will. :)

Again, congratulations!