Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Arrival of HOPE

My family has always had HOPE. Sometimes it feels as though we should give it up, but most days HOPE is all that gets us through until the next day. 

But now our HOPE has a face. And little fingers. And a headful of hair.  HOPE has that newborn smell and little feet that begged to be kissed. She makes her Daddy smile and her aunts squeal.  She also has her entire family wrapped oh so tightly around her finger. 

Welcome to the world,  Miss Catharine Hope. 


ragtime4361 said...

Becky, your writing brought tears to this grandma! It is so special to bring a new baby into the world, but to know the meaning behind her name makes this baby girl even sweeter! HOPE brings more hope for the whole family. The continuation of life; the sharing of family; the joy of living; all represented in one tiny, chubby-faced little baby girl!

princessdiva said...

Love it!! Squeeze her for me!

Sara said...

You are so lucky to have your niece so close. I constantly wish mine lived close so I could spoil her rotten! Enjoy every minute of her, because as you know all too well it just goes entirely too fast!

Rhonda said...

SO WONDERFUL! Such a blessing for all of you!