Sunday, August 22, 2010

Return Of School

UGH! SCHOOL! The return of frantic schedules, homework drama, stinky sports bags, and  horn practices. However, the boys seem pretty happy....minus the having to actually get up in the morning.
(I *AM* enjoying just having the toddlers and preschoolers here at daycare. You wouldn't BELIEVE how calm and quiet it is here!! That first day everyone was at school was a bit of a shock..we could read books and actually HEAR THE STORY! And NO ONE wrecks our block towers!  ;-) )

J is a...gulp...7th grader.  Gets to play "REAL" football this year.  Totally pumped and loving it.  His mother realized her sweet first born now STINKS LIKE A MAN after football practice.  PPPPHHHEWWW!   Cares VERY VERY much about how he looks/smells. I thought it was bad last year, but it really isn't nothing compared to right now.

T's in 5th.  Loving it.  He decided to play the drums for band this year and is very excited about it. It does my heart good to see him so excited about something.  Most days, it seems that T is just along for the ride. I'm not sure if I can write this to make sense to anyone else, but T just seems to do what he thinks he should do based on what he feels everyone WANTS him to do, not really what HE wants to do.  I guess it may be part of the "younger" brother syndrome or just his personality, but he just doesn't really get too excited about things.  Drums, however, he gets excited about!! Drums and Football...what sort of creature am I raising??
He's playing pee-wee for the 3rd year now, and I was appalled to find THIS while putting sunscreen on him:

The pictures really doesn't do it justice, because the bruises go on up to his upper arm and wrap around his arm. After much eye rolling and laughing after I fussed over him, he walked in the living room, said "Hey Dad..LOOK!" And I heard: "YEAH BUDDY!!!" as they bumped knuckles.

Men are so strange.


Sara said...

First of all I LOVE the new picture! So GOOD!!! Secondly, aside from the huge bruise, I can't get over the tan that boy has. I am soooo jealous. I used to tan like that when I was his age, but now I can barely get any color to stick. Have fun going to all those ballgames this fall! LOL!

Melanie said...

Men ARE strange things aren't they!?? My boys got the "guys, when you walk out on the football field, you have no friends there" speech last week!! Can you see a bunch of girls running around beating the soup out of one another, leaving big dang bruises and then speaking to each other that week, let alone the very same day?? I will NEVER understand them!!

Rhonda said...

Sounds like you'll have an interesting (and hopefully GOOD) year ahead! I do understand what you're saying about your younger son. That's great he has something he's really excited about! Hope that goes really well for him. Also hope your older son has a great year! Yes, men have a whole world of their own. LOL!