Monday, September 20, 2010

Terror At The State Fair

I used to love the Ferris Wheel.  Well, I used to love ALL the rides, but every year as I've gotten older my tolerance has gotten less and less.  I had NO tolerance this year at ALL. 
But it's not so much the ride that bothers me. It's the shaking of the cart. It's the thought that any moment my cart is going to come unbolted and send us crashing to the ground. Its the thought of getting stuck and having to be rescued from the very top. It's the thought...well, I'm sure you get the picture.
 I was excited for my ride on the Ferris Wheel as it was the only ride I was going to go on.  I hate the sick feeling and headache I get after the rides and was just going to stick to taking pictures this year.  Started feeling anxious as I got on the cart and by the first half turn I was panicking.  No really---I have pictures:

My family, however, enjoyed the ride. I think the most fun for them was watching ME. They laughed a lot. I felt more comfortable when I had my hand on the bar, and the other on my sisters leg. She thought it was funny to rip my hand off her leg and make the cart shake.  ACK.

Oh geez...I'm sitting next to her and she's going to throw up.

HEY!!  People really CAN turn green!! (T DOES seem a bit concerned about me, doesn't he?)


I did finally relax a bit and look out the cart just as we were making our last loop around and pulling in to get off.  

I was kind of aware they were taking pictures, but I thought they were of the VIEW and not so much me. Oh well. And I'm not sure what happened to my looked really nice when I left our house at 5:30 that morning. Err...or maybe it didn't and I just THOUGHT it did!  That's what 2 full days at the fair, lack of sleep, and a near death experience on the ferris wheel will do to you.

Next year, I am JUST taking pictures...they can go on it without me. Getting old stinks. 


Rhonda said...

Ahh ... I hear ya' Becky! Back when Grandma was in the rest home there, my cousin & family came down to visit. She and I were in our 30's. Anyway, we thought we'd run over to the City Park there across the street and just mess around awhile. I was shocked at how queasy I got on the swings! That was an eye-opening moment that I was definitely "not as young as I used to be." LOL

David in Kansas said...

And here I thought it was just me. I can't handle the ferris wheel either!

Melanie said...

Near death?? Maybe just a liiiiittle melodramatic :-) Have you jumped on a trampoline lately?? It's not as fun as it used to be either!! Glad the fair is over for another year!!

Diana said...

You may not like my comment because.... I totally LOVE the ferris wheel at the state fair! I love to take photos while up there in the air. Yeah, I admit, sometimes the shaking gets my attention for a few seconds, but the view always wins me over. All this and I'm afraid of heights LOL! However, I can't take a trampoline anymore because of my kneee replacement... otherwise I'd be out there with the grandkids!

Loved the captions of your family's "thoughts" LOL! Blessings to you and yours! :)