Saturday, July 3, 2010

12 Steps Anyone??

My entire family is withdrawing.  From what?  From various addictions we picked up at the beach:

Habit #1: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts   Our beach gang put away....get this...11 dozen doughnuts while we were there.  The men would drive down most nights around 10 o'clock, when the "HOT" sign was on, and bring back doughnuts so soft and warm they just melted in your mouth.  We would feast, talk, laugh, moan, rub our tummies, threaten to get sick, go to bed, and get up and have them again for breakfast.  Come night time, the cycle would repeat.
Our entire beach gang gained some weight that week we were together.  The most was 12 lbs... not me.. ...and the least amount was 1lb...again..(sadly)...not me.  But I'll never again see another Krispy Kreme without lovingly thinking of those moments sitting around the table, gorging ourselves sick on those little round pieces of glazed Heaven.  

Habit #2.  Kirk's Ice Cream Shoppe   Now, I guess this really isn't a HABIT, since we only had ice cream there once, but that was because it was a day or two before we left and had we discovered it earlier, we would have gotten more.  This place is amazing.  There are buckets after buckets of ice cream, and people just standing behind the counter with scoops in hand, waiting to make you the cone of your dreams.  Seriously, when we walked through the door, it was like the gates of Heaven opened up, and the choir of Angels were singing to me.  T got a waffle cone with coffee ice cream, J and D got cotton candy, and I got bubble gum..that had REAL pieces of bubble gum, by the way...with a scoop of cotton candy on top, all in a waffle cone, dipped in chocolate, rolled in sprinkles.  Yes, I know I have the taste of a 5 year old, but it was HEAVENLY.

 Habit #3  Dublin's Carolina Red wine.  My husbands sister and brother in law turned us on to this wine.  D and I love to try different wines, all while trying to find the "perfect" one for us. Well, this would be it.  Sadly, we can not get this wine in Kansas, so we loaded up the suitcase with a few bottles for us to enjoy over the next few months.

Habit #4 Shopping  We LOVE all the beach stores that are out there. I had forgotten about them (I was at Myrtle when I was 17.)  until we pulled into town and saw the first WINGS and EAGLES.   There is store after store after store with those stores having chains usually just a couple of blocks down from each other.  I don't necessarily enjoy spending the money as much as I do just loving the atmosphere of the stores.  There is so much to look at, loud and funky music playing, weird and ridiculous things made from shells, hermit crabs, dead sharks in a jar (no joke!)--LOTS TO LOOK AT!!!!
And,  no trip to Myrtle Beach is complete without a trip to "Gay Dolphin."  It is a store right off of the boardwalk that is right on the beach, and is probably 3 stories tall, with things JAMMED PACKED into it. Seriously.  I was knocking things over with my purse!!  There is just level after level of jewelry, shells, t-shirts, and gadgets.   It's just a fun place to go to just LOOK around.

I miss the beach.  Withdrawing is hard.


Rhonda said...

All I would know to say is ... can you find anything there in KS to take your mind off this? All that you talked about looked great! *Drooling* over the donuts and ice cream! I very rarely have had wine, but if you found some that's GOOD, I can understand why you brought some back with you! Hope the withdrawal symtoms ease off soon. :)

princessdiva said...

11 DOZEN doughnuts??? YUMMO! That's too funny about the wine--cause I finally laid around in my PJ's till ten this morning reading the Paula Deen magazines my mom sent with me 3 weeks ago and found a recipe for sangria--which we are going to try out at the BBQ tomorrow night!! Gotta make a wine run later today and will drop by your pics then!!

Michael said...

Wonder if you can make plum wine with all the sand plums around this year??