Friday, July 2, 2010

Myrtle The Turtle

 Myrtle the Turtle has lived in my sister M's car for the past couple of years.  When we started planning our vacation, M and I thought it might be time for Myrtle to venture out of the car and see some of the world.   Here are some pics from Myrtle's adventure.


Myrtle enjoying the ocean

Myrtle was very excited to see this sign with her name in it and insisted on getting her picture taken with it. So, there, on the strip at Myrtle Beach, I took her out of my purse, my husband held her up, and I, ignoring the funny looks, took a picture.

Myrtle discovered putt putt golf is fun, but wasn't impressed with the funky "Tidy Bowl" blue they dyed the water.  

Here she is soaking up some sun, working on her tan. 

And just when we thought Myrtle was going to be alone forever, she met this very handsome hunk and fell in love.  They had a quiet wedding ceremony on the beach.  Only close family and friends were invited.  The happy couple is now living in M's car. 

(After our vacation we were informed that Myrtle is, in fact, a BOY. Oh well.)


Rhonda said...

Love it! Hilarious! The "getting a tan" one was really funny. :)

Melanie said...

Your sense of humor totally cracks me up!! Much like your crazy ole' dad!! Glad Myrtle had such a great vacation--and what a handsome guy she-he met!! Was Michelle just crushed to have Myrtle come "out of the closet" while you were gone?? Give her my regards--you can teach 'em and try to train 'em right-and then they just break your heart--one thing is for sure--She'll never let YOU take Myrtle again!!

Sara said...

this is AWESOME! I totally love that D held the stuffed turtle up for you to photograph. I am not sure J would have done that for me! We may just have to see who is going to go on our vacation with us in a few days! :)

ragtime4361 said...

Becky, you have inherited your Dad's sense of humor & inovation! Such a cute idea. Got a chuckle out of it, for sure. But, really glad Chelle has Myrtle back all in one piece. It's scary out there for a country turtle taken to the city, you know!