Friday, July 16, 2010

Bunny Results

Thursday was the bunny judging at our county fair!! We had 15 rabbits total this year and think it must be some sort of record!

J took his Californian buck, Truman, Havana doe Chelsea, and Havana doe Golly.  He only took Truman because he uses him for Showmanship.  However, it was a good thing he did because Truman took home the purple!!  Golly got the reserve!  (Truman is the buck he took last year to county and was told he was too small, but went on to win one of the top prizes at the state fair. HOWEVER, he seems to have a hot/cold relationship with the judges.  He's shown him 6 times now.  4 times got great comments, and 2 times were pretty much told he was junk.  It's hard when you get conflicting comments, especially when you are 12.)
Michelle snapped this pic of J hanging on to the judges EVERY word.

T took a Castor Mini Rex  buck named Chance, and a Castor doe named IZZY.  We knew Chance wasn't going to do well, but T bought him to be a herd buck and we really wanted to get some comments on him.  Judge told T not be breed him because he has horrible guard hair.  We bought Chance when he was only 8 weeks old and it's hard to tell a lot about a bunny  at that age.  T will have to make some decisions.  Anyway, Chance got a red ribbon, and IZZY got a blue so he can take Izzy on to the State Fair if he would like.

J also took 2 frozen market rabbits that he got blues on and he will get to sell at the auction.  Judge Addison was really impressed with them and with J for going through the dressing process.  However, I am certain one of our local little girls in our club is now a vegetarian as she was SHOCKED and APPALLED at those frozen bunnies. I explained to her that ALL her meat she eats used to be alive, but her response was..."But bunnies are cute!"  She didn't even bat an eye when he was judging the frozen chickens, but "they look just like the ones you buy at the grocery store!"  haha

J also did showmanship and got good remarks and a purple, but from a mom's point of view I saw what happens when he doesn't make time to practice enough.  He's got lots of practicing to do before the state fair!!  Lots of kids are interested in doing that next year!! YEA!!

And I can't leave out that I took down Levi, one of my Hotot babies, and D took down Chomper, his standard Rex.  We decided that the winner got a to pick the movie for a date night. Sadly, D will be dragging me to some manly macho movie as Chomper kicked little Levi's batootie. BUT--LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!  We put Levi next to the cage Chomper is in, and now that little 2 lb buck is in LOVE with that 8 1/2 lb Rex.(I guess he likes girls with curves!)  He spends most his time trying to find a way to get over into the cage with her and seems oblivious to the crowing chickens, mooing cows and screaming pigs!
It's never boring at the fair!

(I have blog post on the boys' other fair entries but wanted to get a pic of their woodworking projects to go with them so hopefully I'll get that up day!)


Rhonda said...

It's interesting to hear about your rabbits, as that's something I know hardly anything about. Glad to hear the successes, but sorry about your "macho date night." LOL :) Also tickled about that girl's view concerning the "frozen bunnies." I ate fried rabbit once when I was a kid, and it was pretty good. Kind of like fried chicken. :)