Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random-ness Of My Life

T's caterpillars in various stages. Being the nerds we are we found out that these are called Black Swallowtail Caterpillars and will turn into the most beautiful butterfly.  They loved herbs, which expains why my garden was suddenly gone one day.   Oh well.

J's new black Havana that he bought already bred had 6 babies a week ago. We were surprised to see 2 CHOCOLATES in that mix.  He's only had blacks.  (Seriously, could anything be more cuter)

DAISIES!  My very own daisies from a plant that I planted only this spring! I was thrilled with the one bloom I had a month ago, but the plant just exploded! They sure do look pretty in my kitchen!


princessdiva said...

Seriously, are flowers grown fresh from YOUR garden not the most beautiful flower you have had in a vase in your house??? I think so too!! Black swallowtails are some butterflies that I am trying to attract. I think that I have spotted a couple in flight, but haven't seen one that I could get close enough to to see for sure!! I'll have to look for the cocoons a litte more closely--where did Tristen find them at??

Becky said...

He found them in my parsley. Err....he found them in the REMAINS of my parsley. I think he picked 8 off at one time. They love carrots, parsley, dill, fennel and Queen Anne's Lace according to Wikipedia. He sure has been fascinated with them and I hope they hatch!!

Rhonda said...

Well, but it's INTERESTING randomness. :) Pretty picture of the flowers in the vase!

Amy Pope said...

Love the flowers next to the china. Always have been fond of daisies...and tulips. :-) But the baby bunnies...OMG, they melt my heart. How comfy they look in that pile.