Sunday, May 20, 2012

Labors Of Love

My husband of almost 15 years bought be something wonderful and beautiful yesterday.  No, not flowers or candy.

He sat at an auction for HOURS yesterday.  And bought me 2 church pews from the church my family  attended for 6 generations.

He didn't understand WHY I NEEDED one. He just knew I had said I wanted one really bad.

My great-great grandfather helped build that church. It's where I was baptized and attended Sunday school. Where I watched my dad become a elder, and  remember beautiful Christmas trees in the corner and the most amazing candlelight services, with candlelight reflecting off the stain glass windows.

The congregation slowly dwindled down, the old timers passed away, and the church had to close. The last time we attended service there, there had been 3 other people there.

The most amazing stain glass windows are inside this church. Even as a little girl I loved them.

My Aunt played this pipe organ for years. Isn't it beautiful?

You can't see it in this picture, but the ceilings are little beautiful wooden planks. I would sometimes try to count them when the  sermons got a little lengthy.. ;)

These windows always reminded me of fire. They fill the little room with an orange cast and warmth. I've never seen windows like this except here.
See those 2 really long pews?? Those are mine! Can you imagine just how many people have held on to the back of those pews? They are so smooth.  I was thinking about all the hymns sang in them. All the prayers heard, the tears that have fallen on them, the prayers they have listened too, the kids that have crawled beneath them.

Which one turns it on??

I haven't stopped smiling yet!!!

Obviously, I can't put these as is in the house, so Danny has a little bit of tweeking to do to one of them. The other had no plans finalized yet, but several very neat ideas have been tossed around. We shall see.

I'm so very thankful I will always have a bit of this church with me...and for the guy that sat and patiently waited, just so he could get them for me! 


Melanie said...

HOW COOL!! I can't wait to find out what you do with them!! I had forgotten about that auction yesterday. .remember to tell me who bought the church!!