Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Hate Weeds

This afternoon found me out in the garden.  Frustrated.  I didn't put newspaper down a couple of weeks ago when I was mulching. Just laid the straw over the dirt.  Isn't working. At all.  So I started raking up the straw and got about 1/8 of the way done before I just burst out in tears and went inside.  The wind was blowing so the newspaper wouldn't lay down. I kept looking all the rest I had to do instead of what I had gotten done.  Some of the weeds now are taller than some of my pepper plants.  *Sigh*  D finally took pity on me and told me this week we would all work out there for just a little bit each evening and get it knocked out pretty fast. 

I did get my gourds and pumpkins planted though.  And my herb garden weeded.

Otherwise we had a nice relaxing weekend.  On baby watch for Rosie. Dad and I think it will be Memorial Day, J thinks Wednesday, and D thinks it will be whenever she drops a calf.  hehe  It's almost as exciting as waiting on a new human baby!!   My boys are really getting an "education" as we watch and start to see the signs of impending labor.  Some they thing are amazing, others they think are gross gross gross!! 

I found that one of my very favorite baby Hotots has what is called Simple Malocclusion of her teeth.  This means she can't be shown nor be used for breeding.   It seems to ALWAYS be something with our hobby!!   It's the first time we've ever seen it in any of our bunnies, and dwarfs are prone to it because of their head size.  We love to learn, but it stinks when you see something on one of you favorite animals and think THAT'S what that looks like." 

Loving the season!! I have a ROCKIN tan on my feet where my flip flop straps are at! ;-) The pool opened yesterday and last night/all of today found me with a red-eyed, sun burned, water logged, grouchy, grumpy, 10 year old. The first day always kicks their butts.   I'm loving having them home, and loving not having anything to do at the moment!!  We've got plans to get out fishing sometime really soon!! 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Signs That It's Here!!

Tents and sleepovers and non-stop laughing.

My very favorite wildflowers blooming everywhere at the farm.

D's smoker all fired up, and an ice cold BUD while waiting.

Grilled corn on the cob!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I feel as though I have not blogged forever, but I guess it's only been about a week!!  Life is busy, but hoping it will wind down very soon with school getting out for the summer tomorrow!  I am really looking forward to not having to get these dragons out of bed every morning, and for 4 days a week, I get to sleep in an extra half an hour!!

I am not sure if it is just us, but we have already killed 2 BIG snakes this year, as well as a teeny tiny ring necked snake.   UGH.  Lucky for me, my men have gotten to be pretty good shots, and they like to "protect" their screaming, sobbing mother.

Bunny Barn News:  All babies have been weaned.  Its a sad time out there as the babies are really upset for a day or two, and the mom's come up to the door and act like they are trying to tell you something is wrong. "Can you help me find my babies?"  =-(  J will be re-breeding all Cal does the first part of June for his meat pen for State Fair. He didn't qualify to show in the 4-H show there,  but decided he would like to just show it in open.  
T decided he would rather go to the rabbit show than hunt rocks so that is what we are doing.  It's a double show, with a bunch of specialty shows.  They are excited and *I* am excited to FINALLY get to show my Hotots! We are taking everything we want to show to these shows and will have to take 2 cars. One for the buns, one for the kids!!

STILL waiting on Rosie to have her calf.  We figure she will have it the day AFTER we leave for vacation.

Garden Ramblings

This wonderful rain has really helped our garden and yard!!...and also the weeds. Everything is growing!! D's potatoes seem to be doing the best, but the 50 tom. plants and the 25 various pepper plants are really taking off too!! Honestly, I didn't mean to plant this much, but if someone gives you something or you find you accidentally bought 9 pks instead of 6 packs, whats a gardening girl to do?? ;-)

T planted broccoli, cabbage and sunflowers this year.  The cabbage he doesn't even like, but claims its lots of fun to grow. 

J didn't  really plant anything out in the garden this year, but does have 2 blueberry bushes he planted in early spring.  They are doing really well, and he's anxiously awaiting for those 2 berries that the plants might produce this year.

All I have left I want to get in is some pumpkins and some birdhouse gourds. They have been on my list to get planted for a couple of weeks now, but so far I haven't got it done.  

Last year we laid newspaper down and then laid straw on top of that for mulch and weed control.  It worked really well, with the weeds finally poking through the very last part of the season. This year, since our garden was a "second" year, the weeds/grass hadn't really been a problem, so I only laid out straw. *sigh*  There is grass poking up through the straw all throughout the garden now.  I guess weeding will be a major part of my life this summer, and I know now that the newspaper really is worth the extra time it takes to lay down.

This is my first year of having an herb garden, and this weekend I cut Basil and Parsley and dried it in the oven.  Our house smelled like pizza. (Admitting it DID become a bit overwhelming the longer it was in the even gave T a headache.)  Having little jars of herbs you grew yourself is ALMOST as satisfying as canning!  I have some rosemary I am going to do next.  FUN!!

My new flower beds are doing great!! Most everything I've planted from High Country Gardens has doubled in size, and my
bee balm is about to bloom already!!  I ordered 3 "Frenzy" Gaillardia plants and only have one left. The other 2 leafed out a little bit, and then suddenly died off, within a week of each other.  I am kind of wondering if they got stepped on (There is one plant on each side of a rock path that one of my dc kids LOVES to walk on everyday... and T has been known to ride his bike through my beds. Ugh) .  I guess I could wait and see if they come back next year.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Baby Uno says hola world!!  =-)  He's growing REALLY well.  He's very....stout. (I say HE, but we really are not sure. HE has a big blocky head like a buck, so I'll be REALLY surprised if IT turns out to be a doe.)

Due to the rabbits taking over our lives, we decided to let go of our chickens. =(  I know it's silly, but I miss those nosy ladies!!  They went to a farm and I know they are being taken care of, but it seems strange to not see them scratching around their little yard.  

Simplify!!   I am trying to simplify our lives as much as possible.

School is almost out. Counting Play Day, I only have to wake the dragons 6 more times!!   Our vacation count is ticking down too....."I think I can, I think I can."  

Does anyone know what these are? Weeds? Wildflowers?  They are all over the west back of our property.  We even had someone stop the other day and ask if they could dig some up.  I have no idea what they are, but they resemble Phlox.  


Monday, May 10, 2010

Visiting ME

"Do you live in tomorrow when you must face today? At times, I forget to live in the moment, but what do I miss? The setting sun, the sound of birds' singing and, most importantly, I miss meeting myself. I am constantly changing, and if I don't spend time with myself in the here and now, I will never get to appreciate who I truly am because I am too busy focusing on who I want to be."
~Gary Barnes

For the past year or so, I had tried to resume walking off and on.. I love walking. Walking makes me feel incredible. It gives me energy, time alone to think or rock out to my MP3 player.  However, I haven't been able to do this because about half way though my calves would lock up with horrible cramps.  These things would wrap around to the front of my legs and even make my bones hurt later.  Several times it has gotten so bad I've had to call D to come and pick me up half way though the walk.  I had tried everything to making sure I was hydrated to buying new shoes and stretching out before hand,  and pretty much just given up.   I talked to my very favorite nurse practitioner, and the local pharmacist, and they both told me that I was lacking either calcium, magnesium, or potassium.  The pharmacist grabbed 2 bottles off the shelf, chucked them at me, and sent me on my way.  Whatever, I thought.  I didn't think anything was ever going to help.  Started taking the meds, gave it 2 weeks before walking again. T had been on my case to walk, becuase he's been going with me and riding his bike.  He loves to ride ahead and then loop back around me over and over again, chit chatting about nothing.  So I take off, with a pit in my stomach, waiting for the cramps to start any moment.  Get to the point they usually start bothering me.  So far so good. Past the point where D has had to come pick me up.  "Wow, Mom, your walking FAST today!"  Holy cow. This might be working!!  Get over by the hospital and all I feel is the delicious burning in my calves that's tells me my legs have missed the walking too.  Almost home and I'm grinning, listening to T's endless chatter and the birds chirping, loving my life.  I felt amazing. I felt incredible! I felt like ME! I haven't felt like ME for a long time!

I missed me. I hope she sticks around.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Weekend in Pics

A little mowing...

Well, actually a LOT of mowing is going on our at house. D decided this was the year the boys really started helping out with the mowing. I had issues with them using the mower.  I got to see my dad wrap wire all through his calf, and also got to see my brother put a stick through his leg when I was a teenager...(Remember that Eric? And I yelled at you to stop your bawling and that mom was going to be mad at you for dripping blood on the carpet?? Yeah...sorry about that!) Anyway, D patienly pats my back and explained that all will be ok. J actually got a job this summer mowing for our neighboor.  He's loving the extra cash flow!!

A little tattooing..

 D got all the babies tattooed today. Ugh. I hate that job.  He's getting better at it, but it's hard to watch because they squirm and cry. =(  He hates the gun, and would much rather use the clamp, but you can't get the big ol clamp in those teeny tiny ears.

A little chess...

J's learning how the play chess and spent a couple of hours over at Grandpa Chucks house this morning learning the moves.

A bit of pasture grazing...

Not for us..for the cows!! They are officially out in the pasture, since Rosy decided we were being much to slow getting the fence ready.  She, at 9 months pregnant, jumped the corral fence, to get to the greener grass. Not many women I know can do that! =)   They are REALLY enjoying all that room and grass, and I love seeing them out there as we drive by!  Whiskey has adopted Chewy  and they are never far apart!

Happy Mother's Day To My Mom!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Whirlwind Days

Packed lunches, stinky shoes,  nasty track clothes,  and bedrooms that resemble Greensburg 3 years ago....there is a peek into my life this week.

J had music contest Wednesday and did a solo!  We have never heard him practice or even heard the song for that matter, and we were asked not to come watch the performance becuase he "didn't think he could sing if we were in the room." So we stayed away, and it must have worked becuase he got a I on it.  He says he's not sure if he will EVER do that again.  He was terrified.  I was super proud of him!   He finished up his track season last night and is headed out on the Jr High Mystery trip this morning.

WE have lots of fun stuff coming up, and we are going to have to pick some and not do the rest.  T has a 3-day geology trip in June but also found out there are Mini Rex and Havana rabbit specialty shows (The boys raise both of those breeds)  that same weekend in Wichita.  J's made his opinion loud and clear, but T just can't decided what he would rather do.  I think either way, he's going to be sad he has to miss something.   I'm not sure if we should go try a new adventure and one I know he will have a ball with, ( He LOVES hunting rocks!)  or go to the show...and take the rabbits they have worked so hard on and spent butt loads of money on.  See what I mean??  Ultimately, we've left it up to T.  There fore, we probably won't have a definite decision until the day before! ;-) 

Our family grew this week! Niece Samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! (And I DO mean BEAUTIFUL!)  So, at the age of 31, I am a great aunt! (I don't LOOK like a I?) We have to get over there soon to love on that baby!  Now we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of D's sister Sarahs little man! We can't wait!

FINALLY got my tomatoes planted...and was shocked when I discovered I had more than I had thought.   (In my defense, some of the six packs I bought were actually nine packs.) There are over 50 tomato plants in my garden this year!! Oh well.  Good thing my family loves tomatoes and salsa!!!  I do not think there will be a shortage this year.   (I have a salsa garden this year!! I am growing tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, green peppers and even the cilantro!! I wanted at least ONE batch made of NOTHING but homegrown veggies! I hope I get my wish!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Almost There

The school year is almost over!! Our family is so ready for a little R&R!  The countdown has began!  It seems most of our life mainly consists of passing each other in and out the door.  We put a NO SPORTS rule into effect for the summer, so that means no baseball.  J doesn't seem to really care, but T is a bit ticked about it. I almost gave in, but have been strong so far!  I just want NOTHING to worry about this summer--no practices, no games....the thought actually seems strange to me at this point.  It hasn't happened for a VERY LONG time.

Thursday we spent a windy afternoon in Greensburg at J's track meet!! It was my only one I got to go to this season, but I enjoyed watching him!!  We were there about 4 hours, and T started complaining he was bored about 15 minutes in.   I mortified him by screaming at his brother as he was running by. (His exact words where:  "MOM! What the heck??   I am going to pretend like I don't know who you are!")   =)

Something else we are doing is making sure all of the boys' projects for the fair are done BEFORE we go on vacation.  I informed D we only had one month, and a week left before we went, and the only response I got was bugged out eyes.  Hmmm...I guess I need to get everyone pointed in that direction.

Remember me writing about J's doe he was waiting to give birth? The one he was using for the meat pen for the fair?  Well, she had *2* babies, and one was still born.  =(  This is his first experience with a still born, and he was very upset. (I am hoping he realizes more what us mamas have to go through to get our babies here!  He turned several shades of green while watching that poor bun give birth.)  The baby had a lot of bruising, and had been stuck for a little bit.   He always learns something with them.  Anyway, meat pen will wait yet ANOTHER year, I guess, since you can't do a meat pen with one baby and he can't rebreed because of  the min weight and age...they wouldn't make weight by fairtime.
He's named the new baby "UNO".  hehe  Baby UNO is being closely watched, as sometimes single babies don't stay warm enough since there are no brothers and sisters to curl up with.

I can't ever say my life is dull.  ;-)

 I snapped this picture yesterday of J's cal babies snoozing.   Can you just see what that poor girl is saying??  I've looked that way MANY MANY times since becoming a mom!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ever Wonder?

 What 32 rabbits in the back of a 1986 van looks like?? In case you have, it looks like this:

We have 11 kids enrolled in the rabbit project for 4-H this year, but D and I were worried they would not know where to get rabbits from.  (Pet stores and auctions are NOT good places to get buns.)  Long story short, we mentioned this to a breeder buddy, who mentioned to HIS breeder buddy, who mentioned it to HIS breeder thing we know my men are unloading 32 rabbits that these guys donated to the kids.  (I'm telling you, the nicest people in the world all show rabbits!!)

We've already re-homed 7 of them and hope the rest go home today.  If not, we are thinking some of the surrounding 4-H county's will have a use for them.  They are all on my porch, and still in their carriers. Hoping to be able to find cages for all of them to get into and stretch out pretty soon!