Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Update

Remember the doe we were waiting on to kindle? The one that looked miserable?  *11* babies were born mid-morning yesterday! BIGGEST litter we've EVER had. There were 2 DOAs. It looked like they probably had gotten stuck. There are a couple little guys in that mix, and we have several mini rex due today, so we are hoping for smallish litters so we can foster a few of the little ones out to give them a better chance at getting some dinner. (Bunnies are great foster moms!! They usually do not care who they feed!)

This doe is black but her dad was a chocolate, and she was bred to a chocolate buck. Jacob was hoping for some more chocolates, but it looks like he got ALL blacks!! (I know they look brown in the picture, but they are dark in real life.) Just when we think we have the genetic thing figured out, we get surprised. I can't believe he didn't even get ONE chocolate! I can't wait to watch these guys grow up. Their mom has been a kick butt little doe for Jacob and I hope she's passed that on!

As I said we have several does due today and the barn is busy with nest building. To us in the bunny world, this is just as exciting as Christmas morning.
Devotion  has a BEAUTIFUL nest built, but has stopped and is in "the trance." Shes spending most of her time in her box with her eyes closed, concentrating. I'm guessing this is when we humans start screaming for the epidural! Hopefully by this evening there's babies in her box!!

Poor sweet girl!

I've caught myself kind of shying away about blogging about our bunnies, but really, this blog is MINE about ME and MY family and, well, this is what we love and what we are passionate about. Some people ride Harley's for therpy.  Some people garden or write. We play with rabbits.
So I told myself I would no longer worry about what others thought, and if I felt the urge to write about bunny births, then I just would. =)


Melanie said...

You go girl!! congrats on the new litter!! And make sure Danny leaves a stick in the door so some little girl looking for the new ones won't cause issues for him :-)

Rhonda said...

You're right, Becky - your blog is just that - YOUR blog. :) I enjoy reading about the things you post, and even learn new things. Hope Tristen had a great birthday! I enjoyed the picture of your dad with his 3 grandkids.