Sunday, April 10, 2011

If you build it..

...they will come.

What an exciting day we had in our yard!

First these guys showed up. I had no idea what they were, but later learned from M that they are Cedar Waxwings.  I loved thier little masked eyes. They reminded me of raccoons. Later we were all sitting on the porch, with Tristen sitting with his legs spread out, with one of each side of the fountain, when one of these dudes swooped down, got a big drink, looked at T like THANKS MAN, and flew off.

About 10 minutes later my boys came running inside. "MOM! There's a HUMMINGBIRD out here."  In no way did I believe them, but sure enough!!

 Danny looked him up on the internet, and between that and my book, we think he is a male broad-billled hummingbird.
I've got my hummingbird feeder up now close to the bush he was drinking from. I hope he stays around for a few days.
He is gorgeous and I think we all could have sat out for days just watching him.  He provided Jacob and I some pretty nice photo opportunities. 

Between these guys and the stunning butterflies flying though today, it's been a wonderful day!!


Melanie said...

Just now thinking. .maybe you should look up the Ks Audubon society and email them your hummer picture. .they may be able to id it for you. .and may want to know that it was sighted here!! Hope he hangs out for a while too. .I'm sure it is a ball to watch!

Sara said...

I bet your mom will love to see these pictures of the hummingbirds. You did a great job!

Rhonda said...

How fun! The Cedar Waxwings were really neat. Don't think I've ever seen them in person. Pretty hummingbird, too!