Sunday, April 17, 2011

Go Go GO!

That seems to be the name of the game right now! 

4am on Saturday, we stumbled out of bed to load up and be on the road by 5:15 to head to Hutch for the Salt City RBA show.  We didn't get home until after 10pm so to say it was a long day is an understatement.  Jacob's 12 week old Havanas got some great remarks but didn't place anything. They all have some nasty baby coats, but he took them out mainly to get comments on bodies and so they can start learning their show manners.  All of our good bunners are heading to the nest box to have babies OR have babies on them. It stinks not having anything real exciting to show, but we have hopes that the later show season should be fun!

We have several does due Wednesday and Danny swears they will be delivering Tuesday as it's a full moon.  We stick our nest boxes in on day 28, but they usually do not deliver until 30 to 31. Anyway, today was the day we stuck boxes in, and Danny's lynx mini rex, Devotion, suddenly looked very frantic and started getting to work on getting her nest ready.  It's pretty fun to just sit and watch them build and tidy things OBSESSIVELY, picking up any stray hay/fur to add to insulate the nest.

Jacob's black Havana, Ava, is due Tuesday and looks like she's swallowed a cantaloupe.  I'm anxious to see what pops out, as his last doe that kindled didn't even look like she was pregnant and she ended up having 6. She's a black doe, with a chocolate background, bred with a chocolate buck. Jacob's really hoping for some little chocolate bucks!

We had a couple of days of horrible winds, but since it's settled down we've all been enjoying the wonderful weather again... ALL of us:


Melanie said...

I'm glad I missed the wind. .I hate that kind of blowing mess! It will be fun to see all of the new bunnies just in time for Easter!!

Rhonda said...

Enjoyed reading about your showing and about the expectant does. I'm curious what the one doe you mentioned will have!