Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy ALMOST Birthday to ME

My ** nd birthday isn't until next week, but I couldn't wait to show everyone what my oh so handy hubby made me.  We got the plans for this little water fountain out of a project magazine my gardening buddy M brought to me to look at. I've wanted something "water-ish" for our yard the past year or so, but knew we weren't ready to take on a pond or anything like that. This, however...THIS was RIGHT up our alley!

 Forms all ready to go

Danny and Jacob mixing the concrete

Fill'er up!

Adding the rebar for support

Filling up the bottom part, (and making a mess!) while Tristen holds the copper tubing in place

All set up

Dan getting the bucket level

Bottom part is now concreted into the bucket.

Almost done!! He's got the pump attached now, and is covering everything with wire mesh that will be hidden by rock.


I am LOVE LOVE LOVING it!! And so are the birds! I was super excited to see visitors already today! I was afraid it would take them a bit to find it, but it sure didn't take them any time at all! 

I bet they will REALLY appreciate the cool water later on in the summer heat!


Melanie said...

I LOVE it!! Turned out awesome!! You will enjoy sitting on your porch swing, drinking a beer, and chillin' to the sound of water. .and probably wonder a few times. .WHO left the water on. .and WHERE is it coming from

ragtime4361 said...

Pretty cool! You'll have all kinds of birds hanging around all summer!

Rhonda said...

Becky, that's awesome! It looks great! I'm sure you are enjoying it. It looks cool and peaceful just looking at the pictures. :) The birds will make it just that much more fun. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Tell Danny good job, that is super cool. You inspire me to fix our fountian. Dale