Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Blessings

Yes, I am feeling better today! =)

It is hot and windy here in Kansas today. I wish wish wish it would rain, but it seems that moisture just does not fall from the sky here anymore.

Even with the ick weather, we spent a good part of it outdoors. Melanie brought me some some plants she has split from hers, and I had some butterfly weed to plant, so late this aternoon found me hot sweaty and dirty from planting. It was wonderful!!

My men are trying so hard to get this stupid stump out of our yard, but it's complicated due to 1. it grows UNDER our porch. 2. There are plants/flowers planted near and around with care that must be given or Mama will be mad. 3. The roots on this sucker may be some sort of record.  I've asked them to please hurry and get it out--I'm itching to get some sedums split and planted there. They just don't think I'm very funny. ;)

And Mom... Tristen is JUST HOLDING the chain saw. Calm down!

And this Auntie got a bit of Hope time in this morning while her parents were working. She got to play cars and trucks, and go on a stroller ride around the yard with Tristen.

The fountain continues to be the "hot spot" for the birds to hang out! Love it!!  We came home today and there were probably 50 of these Grackles in our yard.  They ended up almost completely draining the reservoir and I had to refill it. I'll probably be doing that a lot this summer.

Really hoping it cools down just a little bit, and we get some rain soon!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Melanie said...

That wind STINKS!! I am exhausted from it. .but also. .like you. .very glad to be hot, sweaty, and filthy..with some of the garden jobs done!! We had a great day gardening DESPITE the wind. That trunk is a MONSTER!! Good luck with that!!! Yikes!

Rhonda said...

"... or Mama will be mad..." LOL! Looks like a definite challenge to get that huge thing out of the ground.