Monday, March 29, 2010


Yesterday my men took off early for a work day at the State Fairgrounds.  They worked in the bunny barn, fixing the cages.  I had planned all along to stay at home and clean my house. We've been so busy lately that though basic stuff has been getting done, some areas have been seriously neglected....I think I've discovered a new species of "stuff" in my bathtub, and I swear the toilet gunk smiled and waved at me the other morning.

Started off the morning packing lunches and getting them out the door. Ahhh...such peace.  No noise at all.   Turned the music up...MY music...and got busy.  Surprisingly I was done with everything I wanted to accomplish in about 2 hours. WOW!! Amazing what moms can accomplish when we only have to focus on one thing!!
 Ate a quiet lunch. Starting to feel....weird...without my men.  House was quiet, but no longer the enjoyable kind quiet.  Start freaking myself out by the noises our house makes...which I am sure it makes all the time, I just don't usually notice them.
Go outside to see the bunnies. Feed and water everyone.  Spend sickening amount of time on the internet, wash throw rugs, stop scrubbing things when my hands crack and start bleeding from the bleach water......
Overall, it was just what I needed, but was happy to see the men pull in the drive.  They had a great day. D told me they were the only kids there, but he looked over and they were working beside and pretty much keeping up with the other guys there. :-)
So in they came, and the chaos started once again. I missed it.  


Sara said...

I sometimes get that "weird" quiet feeling too...but today I am longing for it! And I could really use some time to focus on getting some things done. Glad you had a productive day...all moms need that once in awhile!

princessdiva said...

There is nothing better than uninterupted time to get your work done the way you want it to be done! I relish those very few and far between days!

Michael said...

It is amazing how one can feel when you are alone in the house. Especially when two of your three kids have moved on. A feeling of satisfaction on raising good kids......but a feeling of loneliness as well when the house is 'talking' to you. I'm not sure how my folks handled five of us but I know mom enjoyed the occasional peace when we were all doing something somewhere else!!

Rhonda said...

I understand completely! If the guys are all out of the house, I do all this stuff that requires concentration, and like you say, putting some music on I like, etc., etc.!! Sometimes you just need that time. Then you're ready for your family again. :)