Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Big Day

The Bruckner House has it's very first Best In Show win!! It went to J!

Our show in Dodge was Saturday morning, but potential bad weather had us heading out Friday evening to spend the night in a hotel. We had been looking forward to this show for months. We were not going to let weather stop us!! (Although I must admit staying in a hotel room with *7* bunnies was an experience!)
They  had 2 shows going on at the same time, referred to as Show A and Show B. We showed at both.  For show A J had the best of breed Havana and Californian.  T had the best of breed Mini Rex and Florida white.  (How it works is out of each of the breeds, they pick the best one, and it goes up for the best of show.  They pick the best rabbit out of the best of breeds, and that is the winner of the show).  
The Californian and the Florida white were not in their "game" yesterday, but we were anxious to see how T's Mini Rex, Izzy, would do for Best In Show.  She seemed to really be "on" yesterday.  So the judge is looking over the rabbits, I have my hands draped over the front of T's shoulders. He turns around and whispers, "My heart is about to beat out of my chest--I can't take this!" =) It was darling.
So, the big moment comes and he says "2nd Reserve goes to the Mini Rex!"  We get really excited. T's grinning from ear to ear. I didn't even hear who got 1st runner up.
"Best In Show goes to ......THE HAVANA!!!" says the judge.  "What? That's weird. I thought he said the Havana. J has a Havana up there."  So, I turned and asked the judge..."What got Best In Show?" "The Havana!"  "Is that...?   But that means..!!!...OHHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOODESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!"

 Jacob, Charlie, and Judge Bell from Tx.

In Show B that same Havana got 1st Runner Up and T's Mini Rex got 2nd Runner Up again. Each of my boys came home  with some money as well as some engraved plates for thier best of breeds!
And I don't think any of us has stopped smiling and J is still flying high in the clouds!!

J also got the Champ for the Jr Showmanship contest.

It was an great day!


Michael said...

Grandpa says: "Way to go J & T...job well done and I am proud of you both".

Rhonda said...

That's wonderful to hear how well your boys did! That must be an awful lot of fun to do. Even with "winter" weather and the motel. LOL "Congratulations" to your boys!

Becky said...

Rhonda, it is SOOOO much fun!! My boys have learned so much from this project.
If you ever need rabbits, I know someone who can get you started. ;-)

princessdiva said...

Great job guys!! Glad the day went so well!