Monday, March 8, 2010

Garden Show

OH MY OH MY OH MY! I can't believe I have waited this long in my life to attend the Wichita Lawn and Garden Show.
We headed up Friday afternoon.  The 4-H photography kids had the opportunity to take pictures after the garden show had closed.   We met up with M and her boys at Texas Roadhouse for some super yummo food and awesome atmosphere.  This was after a long wait, and we were starting to wonder if we were even going to be able to eat there. I was just starting to reluctantly accept the fact that a McDonald's drive through was probably in my near future when our table was ready!!  A funny story about this place: The girls that work there stop what they are doing and line dance. I am assuming they do this frequently throughout the evening. Anyway, I looked over and T's eyes were about to bulge out of his head at the sight of these pretty girls all lined up doing their thang. ;-)  Small town boy in the big city!!  (This was right after seeing a guy with one of those gauge earrings that looked like a saucer stuck in his ear lobe that glowed this weird color. I seriously could have just stayed on that bench for an entire evening and people watched.)
Anyway, finished our meal, ran over to the motel where we traded kids with D, who took the non-4-Hers to see some bunnies at a friends house and out for ice cream.  After finding a parking spot, we trekked over to the Hyatt (10 BLOCKS!...ok ok, only 2 but it felt like 10 for those of us in a hurry, herding children, that are "challenged" in the leg length department! HAHA) for a couple of classes before going out on the floor to take pictures. I am really glad I got to go to these, because even though these little classes were for the kids, *I* learned SO much about my camera!!! I am super excited and can't wait to try some of this stuff out!
As I walked into the garden show, it was like a drunk walking into a liquor store. I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, I could only take in this heaven that was surely made just for me!   Plants, rocks, fountains...OH MY. *drool*

The kids got to take pictures for an hour.  J got a couple of really nice pictures, out of about 25.  This is mainly because he got tired and a bit overwhelmed (lots of people walking into shots, flashes going off messing up pictures, people waiting behind you waiting for you to finish so they can take pics....)  so he wasn't even trying to set them up correctly and kept durking with the settings of the camera.  He's happy with the couple of good ones that he got though, and learned a lot.
And D came home fired up and ready to take on our  yard!! I should have made him go about 5 years ago!  hehe
If you ever have the opportunity to go to the garden show, GO!! And take a trailer! ;-)
My sister came along with us, and Saturday we searched the mall high and low looking for the perfect prom dress! Finally find one!  I was happy for some quality sister time. (Even though I got called "her mom" by 2 cashiers. She got offended, but I think *I* am the one that should be the most offended!)  We had frozen lattes for breakfast, Subway for lunch, and bought flip flips in almost every color!! A fun girly day.  Back to the people watching part, we saw this girl joke at all...was wearing shorts so short, the majority of her butt cheeks were hanging..err...oozing out the bottom.  I couldn't stop staring. Maybe that was what she was after, but I really just wanted to grab something and cover it up. GACK! I don't really have a problem with short shorts, but when your leg openings are way ABOVE  your crotch area, they could be TOO short.

And I just realized how OLD I just sounded in my last sentence. Oh well. =)


Michael said...

Ha ha ha.....they thought you were Chelle's mom!! She hadn't told us that. Like the time the Olen Mills photographer thought I was her grand-father!! Poor girl. You don't look like you could be her mother....well, not much anyway!!
Some good photos and I always thought that would be an interesting show to visit.

Rhonda said...

The garden show and the photography sounded like a lot of fun!

That sounds like quite an experience at the mall. :)

princessdiva said...

Was a fun weekend for sure-now we are primed up for the geology weekend coming in June--though I'm sure no Texas Roadhouse food to be found there. . . that's ok cause I'm not sure that I will ever be able to eat their peanuts again anyway!