Thursday, March 18, 2010


We've been really busy here at our house, but it's the "good busy" instead of the "frantic busy" if that makes any sense!!
Spring is just around the corner!! I just might survive another long winter!!  I've come to realize I really do have some sort of seasonal depression. *Mom, no comments, please....I know you've known this for awhile now...probably since I was a toddler!*   Anyway, I've felt much better the past few weeks and am LOVING the time change and having time to enjoy the sun after work. 
After my husband attended the garden show in Wichita, he's been on a yard cleaning/purging spree.  The boys and their dad have cleared all the annoying trees and shrubs that were growing by our garage, (I'm thinking of planting an herb garden there.) and are working next on an area on the south side of my house that's been over taken b a couple of bushes. After it's cleared out I am putting a new flower bed there, and have big plans!!
We have a bunny show in Dodge this weekend we are excited about! *I* am taking 2 buns to be shown for the first time EVER so I am excited!! We will be bringing home a baby Castor buck to help T's program next year and his castor doe is being bred at the show, so hopefully he'll get some babies in a month.  5 of our does were bred weekend before last so we are hoping to have plenty of babies the first part of April! 
We are also eagerly anticipating the birth of a calf in April/May and are hoping everything goes smoothly.  Rosie is ENORMOUS, but also was this large for her last calf.  I'm glad we saw her last year, otherwise I'd be thinking she was having more than one.  Anyway, we have a pool going on our family. One for when she'll have the calf, the other for the sex.  Cheap entertainment for us! =)
We never did get Kirby cut, and have decided since he is "leaving" in a couple of months, we'll just leave him intact now. (We tried, but  then discovered it was going to take a tranq gun to get it done. He's as big as his mom now. Lesson learned-get those boys done EARLY.  In our defense, he should have been done way before we even got him.)  Chewy got cut and did great, but was pretty dramatic about the entire thing. They cut him and everyone jumped back real fast, and he just laid there. I thought he was dead.  He wasn't but I guess he thought his life was over, because it took a bit to convince him he really was alive.  He walked off, with his head hanging down to the ground, and taking very delicate steps, but was racing Kirby to the cake the next morning.

I'll take pics of my baby Hotots tomorrow and post them! They are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!


Rhonda said...

That sounds like a lot of fun to be expecting baby bunnies and a calf! I'm also glad to see the nicer days coming back. :)