Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Surprise!!

Oh my goodness! It's been an exciting day here at our house!

Remember my bunny drama and the buck that won't breed?? I had left the pair together for 3 weeks, hoping for something, but they never were anything other than good friends.   When J was excpecting babies I had brought her in to our "maternity ward" with the other mamas, just in case.  That was 3 weeks ago. She had one more week till I was moving her back out.

Last night I went down to feed her, and she's frantically picking up big pieces of pine shavings in her mouth. you think??.....Naaaa!  I put in a handful of timothy hay and she immediately picks some up and starts building a nest.   Put a nest box in filled with hay and she flicks all the hay out and starts rebuilding outside the box. I try one more time to put her nest in the box and she again takes it, putting it the the corner SHE wants it in. Oh well, I think. She's probably just spazzing over something anyway.

 She's taking the hay OUT of the nest box I put in for her, and doing it HER way, in the corner.  She has a labor plan and it sticking to it!!

Get up at 1:30 to check on her, and she has built an amazing nest in one side of her cage, but no babies.  She's probably having a false pregnancy. That happens sometimes.  Not getting hopes up.

 7am, head down and am greeted with the most amazing nest I have ever seen, filled with soft white fur.  Wow--maybe she IS going to have babies after all!! Oh my goodness!!  I quietly leave, and come back about 30 minutes later, and there are 5 fat beautiful baby Hotots. Mama is doing an amazing job and looks pretty dang proud of herself!!  I thought for sure the extra "chub" she's developed was due to the extra treats I'd been giving her!  Opps.
 Beautiful nest!! Babies are buried down under all that fur, all nice and cozy!!!

 This is just the breath of fresh air we needed after the last heartbreaking baby disaster.  New life is amazing to see, no matter what is comes from!!

And I owe Jasper, the "buck that won't breed", a HUGE apology and a carrot.  ;-)

I'll post pics in a week or so, when they have fur and are cute!


Rhonda said...

That is so neat! Thanks for sharing - looking forward to seeing the babies. :)

princessdiva said...

Yeah!! I'll bet the boys are excited!