Friday, March 26, 2010

Week Two

Here are the babies at 2 weeks old!! Eyes opened about 3 days ago, as did the ears, because the smallest of sounds will cause their ears to stand straight up.   They are slowly "hopping" around, if you call it hopping--they look drunk as they are still very slow and uncoordinated.  I've seen them munch a little on the timothy hay, and they are out of their nest for good now.   They kind of just plop in a big pile now when it's nap time, and it doesn't matter where it is.  Momma Julia is getting pretty annoyed that they can follow her around where ever she is now, trying to get a fast snack, or just pestering her, and she has no way to get away from them.  Hmmm...I can relate!!!!  She is the best mama bunny we have ever seen though!!Anyway, I've also seen them start to groom themselves as well as scratching their ears, which is really comical, because usually this causes them to fall over. It must take a lot of coordination to scratch with one of your legs!!

This next week we will re-vamp our set up so they will have a bigger cage and I'll make sure to add a box in there, so Julia can get up on it and have some peace, until they get big enough to jump up with her.


Michael said...

Those are cuties!!! Yep, poor moms just can not get away from the kids. I believe this goes on until well after age 18!!!

Is a good healthy looking bunch!!

Rhonda said...

Becky, they are too cute!! I can just imagine how they are, trying to get around. LOL on relating to the Momma!

Sara said...

Cute Bunnies! Can you bring a box over to my house, big enough to keep my kids off of?

princessdiva said...

I'm so glad that this bunch is all alive and well!