Friday, March 19, 2010

Week One

Today the Hotots are one week old!!  They have have fur now and their eyes are still shut.  They should open in the next week.  We do have one sport, which is what we call one that is a "throw back" of one of the breeds used to develop the Hotot.  He's super sweet, and looks more like a kitten than a bun.  We've named him MJ, because he's black AND white...hehe!  We can't show him (her? We don't really know yet.) but are anxious to see what he looks like as he grows. Hopefully he can make someone a great pet bunny!   They all look great, with fat bellys.  Julia has proven so far to be the best mama ever!


Michael said...

Nothing like new life to make us appreciate our world a little more. Cute babies!!

Rhonda said...

That's fascinating to see baby bunnies! I've never seen them before. Too cute. :) By the way, how do you pronounce "Hotot?"

princessdiva said...

CUTE little guys and girls!! Hope they continue doing well!