Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventures At The Giant Crab

When we started to plan this trip, we got a tourist guide and my husband found a place called Giant Crab and declared it a "have to" on our trip. It is a seafood buffet, and the building outside is actually a big huge crab named TOMMY so we figured not only would we get enough to eat, it would be a fun place to see as well.
It did not disappoint and our family had many "first" foods last night. I tried mussels, cod, salmon, and Flan last night. Discovered I don't like salmon even straight out of the ocean, but cod is really good. Mussels are pretty good, and I was proud of myself for jumping out of my comfort zone and trying them. I still hate sushi! Both boys tried sushi and had the same reaction as I did, which wasn't a good one. D ate...well, D ate EVERYTHING. F and I were a bit amused as D and E were eating their food, while standing in line at the buffet.
Boys had a lot of fun eating crab legs, and REALLY enjoyed the dessert bar they had set up. T ate 3 ice cream cones, the last one he got on his way out the door! I also discovered that there is a thing as TOO MUCH natural as I saw steamed oysters that still have the barnacles on them.
We left full! Lost track of the times D went back, but I'd say they didn't make any money off of him! =)


princessdiva said...

LOVE the look of "grossed out" on Tristen's face!! Priceless. Now that would be our kind of eating joint!! I won't tell Jeremy about it!! One of our life-goals is to go to the east coast to eat--not really tour, just eat :-)

Rhonda said...

Wow, that all sounds interesting! It is kinda fun to try new foods when you have the chance. LOL on the barnacles!