Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Picture Proofs


*DISCLAIMER--there is a picture in here (#4) of the grown up men "flipping the bird" that she caught as we were wrapping up. Just be ready for it, and sorry if it offends!"  

Our pictures are up!!  It's gonna be hard trying to figure out which ones to get!

PS--I realized something....I look....JUST...LIKE...MY...MOTHER!   =) 


princessdiva said...

I TOTALLY LOVED your pictures!! Especially the family pic with you all sitting in front of the ocean--and while I had never thought of it before--OMG--you look JUST--LIKE--YOUR--MOM!! Wow!! Thanks for sharing--Oh and tell Frannie that little sister is ADORABLE in the pic with her mouth wide open!! Did you guys stick a minnow in her diaper or what???