Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Nights

Thursday evening, as soon as my last DC child left, we loaded up the car and headed back out to the lake. This time D went with us, and we packed hot dogs to roast and s'more makings for dinner. Not really that nutritious, but fun!!
Isn't D cute? (Don't tell him I said that, ok?)

We had better luck this time around.  D caught 4 catfish, J, 2 catfish, and T and I...well, nothing.  BUT I did have a monster catfish (REALLY--J saw it too!) almost to the shore before he got off the hook and gave me a little wave with his fin before he swam away. Ah well.
J in his summer attire--no shoes, camo hat and the "FREE GAS" shirt his mother HATES. *SIGH*

I am really really REALLY loving this summer.  It's  how I feel like summers SHOULD be.  No schedules, no where to be if we don't want  to be. Slow paced and fun.  Even the boys have picked up on it and have been commenting about it. Which really concretes the decision to not play ball this year.  (I had been having serious mommy guilt listening to other kids talk about their ball games.)  

The summer heat seems to have arrived! Hope everyone is staying cool! 


Rhonda said...

LOL on the shirt! What is it about boys and the things their shirts say? I have 2 boys --- enough said. :) Glad you're enjoying the summer.