Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 1

Well, we made it here safe and sound. The last 2 hours of the trip where the very worse. D said it was because the past day we had no expectations. We were just driving until we couldn’t drive anymore.

We’ve been just hanging out and relaxing. Sarah and Don have a pool in their backyard so the boys have been hanging out there and D and I have been spoiling…er…helping with baby Connor.

Not really sure what the plan today is. We might back to down to the beach. It’s about 20 miles from here. Tomorrow we will load up and head to Myrtle after lunch.


Melanie said...

Did you just get there today?? I thought you might be there yesterday. Lot of driving! Glad that everything is good so far!

Becky said...

No, we got here yesterday around 4.

Rhonda said...

That water looks so refreshing! What a cute baby. :)