Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rabbit Wrestling

Today we got some "bunny chores" out of the way.  We have a show next weekend so nail trims and tattooing were needing done.   I always clip the nails, while D hold the bunny for me.  As you can see from the picture below, I get the better end of the deal.  All I have is bunny fur on my shirt.  D's shirt will be going into the trash later, and he will be applying triple antibiotic ointment on his chest.  This shirt had no holes this morning when it went on!

J had 2 Havanas, 4 Cals, and Uno that needed tattooing.  D did the first 2, and then handed the tattoo clamp to J.  He did SUPER and only had one "uh oh" where he clamped on the outer part of the ear instead of the inside.  He just moved it down the ear, and made sure no ink got in the "oppsie" tattoo. I was happy to see HIM tattooing as we think he's old enough to do this stuff for his projects.  His mother on the other hand has to leave the room when they are tattooing.  The bunnies cry and scream for a second when the clamp "punches" them and it makes me so sad.

First pic is of J getting ready to "clamp" the bun.  This punches the letters/numbers in the ear, and then you go back and apply the ink into the holes. (We use a toothbrush.)

It is NEVER boring at my house!!

BTW--if anyone out there is interested, we have a super sweet Jr Doe Black Holland Lop J is selling for $10.  She's show quality and will be a beautiful bunny.


Melanie said...

Ouch on the rabbit tracks left on D's chest. I'll bet that smarted!! I was really proud of Jake for identifying that bird all by himself in such a big book!! I think that interest is AWESOME!! We, too are enjoying the summer activities. Will miss ya this weekend at the big ROCK HUNT!! Enjoy the rabbit show!

Rhonda said...

That's some serious destruction from one small rabbit!! OW.