Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's A BOY!!

Sunday morning when we did our daily baby check on Rosie, this is what we found!!    Isn't he just adorable??  (The boys were commenting on how white he is compared to Kirby.  J says "He must use Tide with Bleach.")  =-)   He must have been born during the thunderstorm this morning as he was pretty wet, but got right up, pooped, and ran off with his mama.  The boys love watching that "new baby drunk walk" they do when they are still figuring out how those legs work.

We were all very excited as this is our very first born calf for our little cow herd!! 
J has been calling him "Burger" but D thinks he needs a cooler name.   
And strangly, as we had been checking on Rosie multiple times for the past month, my brother E said all along, "I think it will be on the 13th. Don't know why, but that is what I think."  Sure enough.  Good thing we didn't have money on that bet.   Hmm...wonder if E wants to go to the new casino in Dodge....?


Rhonda said...

Love the calf - he's a beauty!! :) Congratulations!