Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Sunday morning my mother in law and Sarah fixed blueberry pancakes and bacon for the “daddies” for Father’s Day.  ( I was busy “helping” with Connor. ;-)  )   After we stuffed ourselves silly, we said goodbyes and took some pictures and headed to the beach.

 D and his sister Sarah, J, T and baby Connor.  As I was taking this pic, I thought how amazing it would be if we could get all of them together with their kids. Hopefully, someday!

It took us almost 3 hours to get to Myrtle, and the entire time the boys spent looking over, just hoping for glimpse of the ocean.  There were some amazing bridges and rivers, and some HUGE ships in the harbor to keep them entertained.    However, there was nothing like that very first glimpse!
We unloaded at the condo, that has an ocean view from the living room, (both F and I are VERY impressed with the condo! ! MUCH nicer than we thought it would be. Beautiful stone floors, light airy atmosphere, BEAUTIFUL!! ) and walked about a block to the ocean,  The boys just could not wait any more. They ohhhed and awwed over everything, and ended up jumping into the ocean with their clothes on, laughing.   It was one of the mommy moments where I just sat back and watched my babies and I had to thank God for letting us be able to take this trip.    We stopped,  came back to the condo, got spiffied up and  had a photographer take some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photos of our families on the beach.    I can’t wait to share them with everyone.  There are some of our both families together, families only, couples only, kids only....I am just THRILLED with these pics and almost cried when she was showing them to us on her camera.  

 We were so excited to see these Pelicans fly right beside us, in a line.  My bird boy thought they were AMAZING, and "a bit freaky and weird."
After pics the boys went back out…in their nice clothes, and collected shells and played in the water.  Jake even caught a tiny little fish in his hands.  I am sure they are like the minnows we catch at the lake, but this thing looked like a teeny tiny little large mouth bass.  He was excited as there were guys trying to catch them with nets, and he got one with his bare hands. (There's a KANSAS boy for ya!) 
I have never ever ever been this relaxed in my entire life. I can not believe I waited this long to take a vacation.    D and I have really been enjoying each other, as well as enjoying our boys.  I had worried that being trapped in the car with them for 24+ hours would do me in, but  it’s been quiet the opposite. 

Yesterday T looked at us when we were walking back to the condo and said “Thank you for bringing us here.”  *sniff* 

We are having an amazing time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a joyous set of memories you are making with your family. You will come home with such a different outlook on life! Working hard to make this trip happen was probably pretty tough, but thank goodness you took the leap & made the trip!

princessdiva said...

I'm glad you're having such a great time!! It looks beautiful and we can't wait to see your pictures. . .real clothes or in the swim suit?? Have you had yours on yet?? Enjoy--we miss ya!

Rhonda said...

OK now, that picture of the bacon and pancakes is making me hungry, and I just had a sandwich! :)

What an awesome picture of your boys enjoying the water! So glad to hear you're all enjoying your time there so much. Soak it all in! That's a wonderful blessing. :) LOL about the bare-handed fish catch. "That there's how it's done." :)

Sara said...

YAY for relaxing vacations! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about the rest of your trip!

Becky said...

UH HAHAHAHAHAHA....gasping for air....we were in real clothes Mel...that swimming suit brings me enough anxiety, I am not gonna have a pic of me in it up on the WALL!! =)