Saturday, June 19, 2010


Overall the car ride was wonderful.  My men were quiet, D and I were relaxed.  I was super surprised how smoothly things went.  We did get slightly lost a few times, due to a challenged map reader.    We also discovered that T is one of those people who gets upset stomach on long trips.  Not real sure if it was the trip itself, or eating fast food his system wasn’t used to.  He was much better though after he got here, relaxed and ate some of Uncle Don’s famous spaghetti.
Hopefully the trip home goes as smoothly as the trip up there.

Tried to get  every state sign, but missed Oklahoma…because it was dark…and Mississppi…because I was texting.  ;-)    We were most impressed with Tenessee…Nashville was amazing.  Hope  we can go back there someday and explore.  The kids loved the bridges and were in aww with the Mississippi river.

When we went through Arkansas, I couldn’t believe all the trees.   As we continued through the states, the forests were so thick  I think you could get lost stepping inside.  By the time we got to SC I was REALLY starting to get sick of the trees, because that is all we saw for 16 hours.  
 Fog Saturday morning as we started out of Alabama.  It was so thick it looked like you could just grab it.